[drop_cap]T[/drop_cap]o the only person who can make me take a selfie– Or a photo in general.

I miss our hangouts, long creative philosophical talks and silly imaginations. May you be happy wherever you sail towards~


[drop_cap]W[/drop_cap]e’ve always been so close. Even with the period we like to think we didn’t notice one another, some cards and photos show a different side. Looks like we both had a memory blank regarding that period. It could be because of our weird interests and musical tastes at the time, who knows.

The biggest problem we have has always been who will take time from her creative day, to do the pots and dishes.

Sometimes, I feel lonely and think that I’d do all the pots and dishes if you’re around constantly like it’s always been. But then again, that’s a selfish wish that I don’t really want to be true. I’m too lazy after all hehe.

And you see…

I’m at ease, an ease that I haven’t felt since I became aware of all around me. And trust me that was way too early in my life.

I’m at ease because now, at last, have the light the shines strongly and vibrantly.
The light the will erase your dark nights.
Those nights you used to wake up in, telling me you lost sight.
It’s a funny memory. But me, a deep thinker, always thought of it on a bigger metaphorical picture.

And I always knew that I can’t provide that light, but prayed Allah for the one to cross ways with you and be able to.

But you know,
there is still a small light I can offer.
It’s that screen’s dim light on that phone you so hate to use.

Sometimes I feel it’s sad h ow close we’ve become and how close we’re becoming by every passing day apart. But it’s so inspiring as well.

There is always beauty in the distance. And old sappy me tells you I’m here till the last mile of the way.


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