In every best friend you have, there are great reasons which connect both of you on a soul level, reasons that make the annoying or problematic parts of yourselves pale in comparison.

These pet peeves, opposing views, unmatched and personality traits are bound to be there in any relationship.

They exist and depending on how close your best friend is to you, the most probable and ideal thing is that they know all about these parts, in you and in themselves.

They’re often addressed in conflict but once they’re out on the table and addressed as things that don’t need to be changed and aren’t reason for conflict anymore, often times they’re just there to be teased about, to come up with in-joke about and to roll eyes at every occurrence in a friendly manner.

You can’t ask perfection from anyone and we’re not out changing friends to meet our needs, so you navigate and compromise.

The problem is when so much changes in between best friends due to personality growth or trials testing both individually and together, that nothing left but those parts you don’t connect with and you end up holding on to that soul by the memories you once had or the dear person who they once were.

It’s a sad state to be in but a lot of people keep hanging in there in a state of hope for the future rationalizing that this is a mere period that’ll pass, which can be the case, or they keep hanging in fear of the unknown alone when taking a step away from that dearest soul.

In hindsight,

after all is that’s said and done,

when the wires aren’t connected anymore,

And all that was overlooked is there in plain sight,

One question is left then,

Is it worth it to stay?