Whenever someone asks me “glass; half full or half empty?”

I, like the snob I am or often sound, answer: “I’m floating on my back at the surface of the half full so I feel it and know it’s there, facing the half empty so I see it and know it’s there.”

Sometimes, I feel the half full is the good I’m showered with, sometimes it’s the darkness that is part of me.

I sleep on the bare floor in my afternoon naps,
My rabbit used to sleep next to me.

When my rabbit died, my life didn’t crash down on me because of his death.

I feel,
my rabbit was like a drain stopper for 8 years, holding my unresolved issues under.

With him passing away, the drain is open now.

Sometimes the darkness seeps through to the surface and I dismantle its matter, but often time lately, it’s just sucking me under, where I fight and go further down, deeper and deeper.