I turned 13 and I learned it
Not the title, but the chapters.
I concealed, I acted, I camouflaged.
I adapted.

For half,
I juggled and balanced.
I embraced and sliced.
A pushover to push through.

I lost, but I was free.

I turned 19 and I staled
Not a straight road, but a rocky curvy one.
I moved my tongue, my body, my brush.
I faded.

For another half,
layers and masking layers.
Exported animated and stills.
I opaqued.

I lost, but I was free.

In a year of bleakness,
I collected all my pieces, one by one, on my own.
I built a vest without any loopholes
An unconquerable armor that is bulletproof.
I accepted.
I learnt the title.

For a decade,
I was winning, and I was free.

In this year of errors and freeze screens,
I realized I’m standing tall,
Looking down at my pieces again,
For I was blindsided.

No swordproof armor stays indestructible and holds the heart in place.
If you allow a connection that transcends all time, space, language and location barriers, they’ve unlocked the safe without a code.

There’s no resistance,
Against a soul connection