This comment spoke to me on a deep level.

It’s exactly what I feel like I should be doing. Or what I’m meant to be doing.

Take complex feelings and situations and present them with visuals and words in a simple way for others.

I don’t know where it hit me, but I know that at some point I realized that not everyone has the self-awareness and what they call now emotional intelligence that I, and those I chose to keep around me have.

I’m not congratulating myself.

When I say things that sound good about myself, it’s less about me being impressed by myself, and more about praising the creator that gave me this.

Having certain mindsets and talents is a responsibility and you’re given them to use them in the path to make things better in this life.

It’s not the understanding I have, combined with pattern noticing and easily thinking in metaphors that I feel is what was given to me. It’s the guidance to have used all the time I’d spent alone my whole life to observe and learn these skills that I’m thankful for, but I digress.

What I’m here to say is that I realized once that many people think of things at surface level, if at all. And they live their life in confusion and states they can’t understand. It’s exactly what “disorder” means.

I wished that I would be able to dedicate my everything into trying to make sense of things, and put them in order. For myself and mainly, for others.

I was once asked why do I write about such topics, and I answered; “I write about what I don’t understand, trying to understand.”

It makes me thankful when people understand as well.