I always thought one’s space on the internet is like a house with a garden. Social media like twitter, instagram, Facebook which has public feeds are like the front lawn because any passerby can see and even enter to the front door so I always think personal opinions and complete openness isn’t favorable unless you’re ready to have a conversation and welcome backlash.

The silliest example that if you hate Oranges for example and think they’re bad for one’s self, and you own a poster with that statement.

It’s better to have that in a personal space inside the house, the living room or the back lawn (Blogs/personal websites in this case) where you know those who get you or are civilized are visiting rather than any stranger who can throw an egg at the poster or remove it altogether if triggered enough.

You can ask people to “leave if you don’t like it “ when they’re inside the house but you can’t kick people from the public road in front of your house if they verbally attack you.

There are other layers to this analogy in which each form of communication is assigned a room of the house depending on privacy and the level of intimacy and closeness you have with others, but I’ll keep that as food for thought for all of you.