If active has act in it
Then passive has pass.

So what are you passing on by being passive?

you’re passing on an act.
An act that could save
An act that could remind
An act that could explain
An act that could end
An act that could change

An act that could start

If you ask anyone what they regret.
97% of the time, their regret is not taking action rather than taking one.

What’s the worst that could happen if you take an action?

The more I observe life and think about others,
I realize that people take action for two reasons and two reasons only.

They either want to be seen. Not necessarily accepted, but seen.
Or they don’t want to be played a fool. They don’t want to look stupid.

So in theory, taking action will either give you a feeling you want, or a feeling you don’t want.

Either results are better than no result and a 100 what ifs.