It kept haunting me; the words I said.
I guess it was the anger stage of grief. After a day of work, thinking and then a short nap. I have a clearer head of thoughts, which as shown, lacking in pretty deep choice of words.

I’m just going casual in this one, for I felt the guilt my previous angry words have moved in me, and I wanted to fill the dark void of better words.

I’m no one to judge, and saying that a lonely end is fitting is bigger than mere judgment. It’s arrogance based off ignorance. And the theme plays just the same. When someone isn’t there to prove themselves, they leave a void and the void we often fill with ugly pictures and unfair assumptions.

They told me you had a busy burial. After much complexities to get you to your final place in this world, they’ve reached the cemetery and there was a big number of people already praying for another passing soul.

And that’s one of the beauties in our faith. 
Do something good anonymously for another, you will get rewarded.

So this big number of people did good anonymously, and lined up in 7 rows to pray for your lonely soul. The nephews didn’t even know the people who helped put him to his resting place in the ground.

You had a small Quran in the side pocket of your baggy scruffy coat, and one of the nephews saw many calligraphy pieces you did of verses from the holy book in your room. Recently drawn ones.

I’m ridden by guilt again. And my eyes haven’t dried all day. I’m sympathetic. I’m sad. I’m thoughtful and conflicted, but at the end of the day, I’m grateful to god for showering us again with his mercy, and I pray you will head deep in an even greater one from the most gracious.

I hope we get a better interaction in the next one!