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Last Painting of 2017 – Steps

I don’t do new years… Usually.

But, 2017 was eventful. My life has been eventful since December 2015, so if I don’t mark the date I’ll continue to feel like I’m feeling now; I’ve been working non stop for 2 years  non-stop. No breaks or milestone. no nothing. Only grinding.

I wanted to send some of the businesses I work with too. The old-fashioned postcard way of “Hey, It’s a new year! In hopes it brings us success and blessings”, but digitally.

So, this illustration happened and it’s based off a panel I drew back in 2012 in volume 2.


Grey is…


Genre: Slice of life, Drama, Psychology
Rating: +16
Language: English
Type: Japanese Manga (Read from right to left)
Themes: Friendship, Amnesia, Growing Up, Self-harm, Child Abuse, Death, Coming of Age, Family.
Synopsis: Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after graduating from high school with a series of heart-breaks; Black left his home and lived away with a friend of his dad’s. In the greyscale life he lived, he longed for nothing but the end of his life, until a a person from the past crashes out of nowhere to re-add the contrast Black needs.




Genre: Drama
Rating: All Ages
Language: English
Type: Western Manga (Left to right)
Synopsis: We’re like fireflies


Drawn in 2008, animated in 2009


Animated Movie:


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Pictures and Petals


Genre: Friendship, Drama
Rating: All Ages
Language: None
Type: Japanese Manga (Read from right to left)
Synopsis: TWO boys ONE sakura,A lifetime of friendship…

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Published work with an Editor at SMAC web magazine 





Shut in Shut Out


Writer: Lianne Sentar
Modern-day, Friendship, Drama
Rating: 13+
Language: English
Type: Western Manga (Read from Left to right)
Synopsis: Rashid and Bo are childhood friends, but they’ve hit a rough patch as teenagers. Rashid is eager to experience the city with his new soccer buddies, while Bo, who has severe social anxiety, just wants to stay home and play video games–but what if that means losing his best friend? And while Rashid may want more, it doesn’t mean he wants Bo any less!

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Collaberated Published Work




Name in Stone


Genre: Slice of life, Drama
Rating: +13
Language: English
Type: Japanese Manga (Read from right to left)
Synopsis: Nawras is on a journey to find her tombstone.


On Hold

A story which was originally written in Arabic in 2009. It was revisited in 2009 to be drawn as manga or a graphic novel but is currently on hold.

Concept Sketches