Tips for working on a long series

I started replying to this question saying “I can think of 3 reasons…” but I couldn’t put it into short descriptions, so I thought I’d write it down here.

I’ve just finished drawing Grey is… Volume 7 and I don’t feel like I’ve worked for so long on it, but I think 8 years under the belt might give me some place to talk about the things you need to commit to a long series, since the story has just reached its mid point… I think.

From my humble experience, here are a few tips I found helped me in how to find discipline to work on a long series.

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Last Painting of 2017 – Steps

I don’t do new years… Usually.

But, 2017 was eventful. My life has been eventful since December 2015, so if I don’t mark the date I’ll continue to feel like I’m feeling now; I’ve been working non stop for 2 years  non-stop. No breaks or milestone. no nothing. Only grinding.

I wanted to send some of the businesses I work with too. The old-fashioned postcard way of “Hey, It’s a new year! In hopes it brings us success and blessings”, but digitally.

So, this illustration happened and it’s based off a panel I drew back in 2012 in volume 2.


آخر رسمة في ٢٠١٧ – خطوات

عادةً، لا أعير أي اهتمام للسنه الجديدة.

ولكن، ٢٠١٧ كانت مكتظة بالأحداث. حقيقةً، حياتي كلها مكتظة منذ كانون الأول ٢٠١٥، ولذا إن لم أعلن نهاية العام سأستمر متعايشة مع شعور أنني لم آخذ استراحة لسنتين متواصلتين.

كما أنني أردت أن أراسل بعض الشركات والأفراد الذين أعمل معهم شكراً، وتمنياً لهم بعام مبارك ومليء بالنجاح.

والرسمة التي رسمت هي إحدى الرسمات في صفحات الكتاب الثاني الذي رسمت في ٢٠١٢.

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Art Journal: I write to understand, so I better not explain


When I say what I don’t understand, it’s more like I can’t fathom, or… what is beyond me and is leaving my baffled that it happens.

This audio was not edited at all. No silence removed or any repetition deleted. Only the swallowing sounds lol


H3H3 Podcast
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