The Author

Diana Alabbadi, widely known by her penname dee Juusan, is a comic artist and writer, who uses different mediums to write stories about the human condition and platonic relationships in modern day settings.

Her main body of work is the Drama/Psychological Manga Grey is… which has been ongoing since 2010 with 8 self-published volumes and two art books, as of 2020.
In 2018 she started collecting all the side stories and comic strips which she sketched next to the manga to enrich the universe, under the title Grey is Clippings in the style of a colored webtoon and has also been ongoing since.
In 2020, Clippings was selected by the Jury of the Japan Media Arts Festival as a notable work in its 23rd round.

Apart from these projects, dee has a number of published and award-winning one-shots which are listed below.


The Message

Building steps to leap beyond the mirage…

dee Juusan’s work focuses on friendship, family and other platonic bonds with their mundane but important interactions as well as the duality of the human soul.

The tone in her work is realistic with its share of heartwarming, funny and realistically bittersweet depictions of life.
Her stories show raw states of the human condition with visual narration and metaphors that makes it easy to relate to, in an attempt to deliver messages of hope and positivity to and audience of teens, older teens and grownups.


I write about tribulations and hardships, to break, understand
then build up towards peace and acceptance..


Published Works

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Awards &


2020 Grey is… Clippings selected by the Jury of the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival

2017 “Drawing a Smile Out” short movie adaptation which was screened in the Kumamoto Manga Festival.

2015 Joined the Silent Manga Audition Master Class

2014 “Drawing a Smile Out”  won Excellence Award in Silent Manga Audition

2013 “a Pure Love” won Runner-Up award in the first year of Silent Manga Audition

2011 “What once was a dove” selected as finalist in the 5th Morning International Comic Competition