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Untangling || wrong lens

In relationships, there are always instances where one is able to do the right thing but still chooses to do the wrong one, and often times it’s because they don’t want to look a certain way, or sound a certain way, to other people or to themselves, and in the process they end up hurting the one person who doesn’t care however their close one would look or sound. Most times they would accept and embrace it whichever it is.

Untangling || crushing

A soul friend’s betrayal is like the suffocating feeling you get from being disappointed with yourself.

Untangling || On the surface

Whenever someone asks me “glass; half full or half empty?”

I, like the snob I am or often sound, answer: “I’m floating on my back at the surface of the half full so I feel it and know it’s there, facing the half empty so I see it and know it’s there.”

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Untangling || an observation

You can’t be passive in all walks of life, to the point you sit still in place and loathe your uselessness and failures, then go to proactively destroy your body and soul or hang the boots and call it a life.

I know the way up is harder than the way down, but that’s exactly why there’s a system that moves you effortlessly on a straight path which could be boring, but is better than the free fall to nothingness.

Untangling || good lines

I don’t have a leg to stand on
Spinning like a whirlwind, nothing to land on
Came so far, never thought it’d be done now
Stuck in a holding pattern waiting to come down
Did somebody else define me?
Can I put the past behind me?
Do I even have a decision
Feeling like I’m living in a story already written

Am I part of a vision made by somebody else?
Pointing fingers at villains but I’m the villain myself
Or am I out of conviction with no wind in the sail?
Too focused on the end and simply ready to fail
Cause I’m tired of the fear that I can’t control this
I’m tired of feeling like every next step’s hopeless
I’m tired of being scared what I build might break apart
I don’t want to know the end, all I want is a place to start

“A Place to Start”

Untangling || another thought

Can I be a 3 year old who verbally say what they want without any filters.
I’ve always loved my filters, those that aren’t to alter, hide or transform, but those I used to adapt.
I’ve always been proud of how I deal. Not so much these past 2 days.

How about…


Remember those?

I’m very tired of the diplomatic statements when someone wants to share an opinion or answer a question.

As long as your respectful, everyone is entitled to their clear cut opinion even if it isn’t the mainstream one.

On dealing with sharing opinions/life online

I always thought one’s space on the internet is like a house with a garden. Social media like twitter, instagram, Facebook which has public feeds are like the front lawn because any passerby can see and even enter to the front door so I always think personal opinions and complete openness isn’t favorable unless you’re ready to have a conversation and welcome backlash.

The silliest example that if you hate Oranges for example and think they’re bad for one’s self, and you own a poster with that statement.

It’s better to have that in a personal space inside the house, the living room or the back lawn (Blogs/personal websites in this case) where you know those who get you or are civilized are visiting rather than any stranger who can throw an egg at the poster or remove it altogether if triggered enough.

You can ask people to “leave if you don’t like it “ when they’re inside the house but you can’t kick people from the public road in front of your house if they verbally attack you.

There are other layers to this analogy in which each form of communication is assigned a room of the house depending on privacy and the level of intimacy and closeness you have with others, but I’ll keep that as food for thought for all of you.

Untangling || “How are you?”

I’m good. As good as I can be.

I’m facing relationships issues with a few close people. Unspoken quiet issues.

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