Diana Alabbadi is a visual storyteller currently specialising in graphic novels. Diana has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture but after graduating Jordan University in 2009, she committed to telling stories through written pictures and drawn words. The main body of her work is Grey is… a self-published graphic novel that’s been ongoing online and in print since 2010 and is published in Spain by Milkyway Ediciones.

Diana received the 2nd place (2013) and 3rd place (2014) in the Silent Manga Audition Competition run by Coamix Co. in Japan. She was invited to Tokyo as one of the best 10 participants  in the years 2013-2015 internationally. Her work “Drawing a Smile Out” was adapted as a short movie and screened in Kumamoto Manga Festival in mid 2017, to help draw smiles on the faces of the 2016 Earthquake’s Victims.


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